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Dear Jennifer Beer,

As my most devoted reader, it’s time for my bi-annual blog post! This post is brought to you via Crissy who gave me a copy of the Milk Bar cook book at Christmas and then subsequently had a birthday in August which gave me an excuse to have people over for dinner and serve them this…

ImageWhile you are used to baking insanely complicated things all the time (piecaken comes to mind), this was my first foray into multiple recipe/many hour baked goods.

Altogether this cake is made up of four separate recipes, the confetti crumbs, the vanilla birthday cake, frosting and a milk soak that goes on the cake. The key to the birthday cake flavour is in the secret ingredient of artificial vanilla flavouring and lots of it.


The cake rounds are cut out of a quarter sheet cake and soaked in a milky vanilla solution. Between the cake layers is a layer of crumbs sandwiched between two layers of frosting. The whole cake is built in a contraption of acetate strips wedged into a ring mold. 

I think the whole cake took me about 9 hours from start to finish. I have resorted to a future life where I buy rainbow sprinklImagees in bulk.



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